Work of Her Own

A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Right Livelihood

Women who have invested heavily in the career culture often find themselves wondering why they’re not happier and more fulfilled. Even though they’ve gotten most—or even all—of what they thought they wanted, it hasn’t brought them the satisfaction they hoped for. In this anniversary edition of Work of Her Own, bestselling author Susan Wittig Albert examines why the career culture has made it so difficult for women to achieve satisfaction in their work (despite the achievements of recognition and promotion); how she and many other women discovered that their career ladders were propped against the wrong wall; and what women can do to create their own right livelihoods.

A full professor and high-ranking administrator, Albert was on the fast track to a university presidency when she felt compelled to leave her position and search for more satisfying “work of her own.” Her need to understand why she had made such a choice led her to look deeply into her own experience and to study the work lives of over 120 other women career leavers. The 80 chosen for the study were health professionals, accountants, scientists, lawyers, managers, bankers, executives, and business owners. Each woman had left a successful career to find work of her own. Each one was determined to give the word “success” her own very personal definition.

Based on the author’s experience and enriched with a broad understanding of the nature of women’s work and careers, Albert’s book offers dozens of examples of real women whose lives were profoundly changed when they dared to dream of creating more satisfying work lives. Whatever your hope for your own right livelihood, Work of Her Own will be both a guide and an inspiration.

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Praise for Work of Her Own

“A fine, inspiring study of women’s work.” —Publishers Weekly

“If you’re rethinking your work, this is essential reading.” —Booklist

“This book brings clarity and hope to the often confusing process of change.” —Maureen Murdock, author of The Heroine’s Journey